October 3, 2017


Hello all! 

As the game development moves forward and I get good comments about it, I feel more and more confident to expose it to the world. 

This is why I added the alpha version of the full game to a separate itch.io site as early access. In the coming weeks I ll add the early access version to...

July 22, 2017


Hello everyone, I am exited to announce I just released a new alpha version of the game. It is now available for Patreon supporters! This version is the first version also supported on Mac OS!

Following is the change log:

Change log for Alpha v0.8.0

Important: Old save games from previews versions a...

May 15, 2017


Well met everyone!

Today, I want to tell you about the magic system in Rogue Empire. It contains familiar elements such as Mana, but at the same time some new ones such as Arcane Threads.

The objective behind the duality of the system is to make spells feel powerful yet have an additional layer of...

March 11, 2017


Today I wanted to focus on 1 aspect of the game: The world map. Just to be clear the world map is featured only in the main campaign, not in the prelude (An alpha release will be out soon for supporters).

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Rogue Empire is an upcoming rpg roguelike indie game.

The objective is to offer a high quality roguelike with hours of  replayability!

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