September 17, 2016


Well met dear reader! This week I added a lot of small additions. Thinking to launch the pre-alpha version of the prelude as soon as possible, I hurried to add several abilities to the warrior class, to the point I feel it has enough replayability (Fun fact: "replayability" is not a word... I wil...

September 9, 2016


Hello again! This week Rogue Empire was introduced to magic! It is going to be Legen... wait for it... dary!

One of the main focuses of the week was on developing the magic system. This means I will focus on magic in this development diary.

Still if you are more interested in game images and effect...

September 2, 2016


Hello dear reader! This was not a bad development week for Rogue Empire. I added some fundamental mechanics and as well as added some more art integration. 

These are the main topics of today's development diary:

  • New UI art integration: The character information screen.

  • Enemies c...

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Rogue Empire is an upcoming rpg roguelike indie game.

The objective is to offer a high quality roguelike with hours of  replayability!

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