November 11, 2016


Hello everybody! Today I will do a small development diary for what was done this week and what to expect for next week before the next release.

Ok, so today's topics are:

  • New Fonts

  • Souls (Prelude Exclusive)

  • Hunger & Effects

  • Item weight (preview of next week's development)

  • ...

November 5, 2016


Hello fellow reader! It's about time for a new development diary! A lot of time passed since the last one so a lot of content to cover!

Ok, so today's topics are:

  • Tutorial windows

  • Manual

  • Story telling

  • Hp Regeneration

  • Monster constant generation

  • Wands & Mana Gems

  • ...

October 14, 2016


Hello fellow reader! First of all apologies for the very late development diary. The truth is I had several weeks with a lot of none rogue empire tasks, and I tried to put the rest of the time into development. Anyway the development diaries take about half of a day which I could use to do more d...

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