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Development Diary 26-Aug-2016

This week great progress was done on the game. Three mayor updates to report:

  • Special Effects support!

  • Inventory Enhancement and Art Integration.

  • Core Ranged combat mechanics.

Hope you are all as excited as I am!

Special Effects Support!

So this week I played with adding several special effects to the game, from talents to level ups!

This is one of the nice things to use such a complete game engine as unity, it lets you build amazing things with not too much effort.

We are soon coming to the point where I will be able to share a basic game play video with you. I still want to polish the game a little more. #crossfingers :P

Inventory Enhancement and Art Integration

The inventory system got such a re bump that will not show you the old one; even if it is only for comparison purposes (seriously, it shames me a lot).

Now the new system is not yet 100% done, but you will get the idea:

Rogue Empire Inventory

We hope this system is fairly intuitive. From Left to right you got the following sections:

  1. Currently Equipped Gear. You might notice you will be able to equip up to 10 rings (well, depending on your race).

  2. Item Categories. This has main categories and secondary categories (opened when a main category is clicked). The idea is to make it graphically easy to find what you are looking for.

  3. Item List. Here is the list of items for the chosen category. More sort options are planned for the future .

  4. Item detail. Details of a specific item selected.

I don't want to make it too long, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Core Ranged combat mechanics.

Range mechanics development has been delayed for too much. Although not a core element of the fighter class (playable in the game prelude) this is a fundamental step stone for any roguelike/rpg game.

Rogue Empire - Ranged Combat

As with most games range combat in Rogue Empire is heavily influenced by agility. I don't plan to change this for the moment.

One Idea I am toying with is making damage dealt by ranged weapons inversely proportional to the distance traveled. Input on this idea would be very welcomed.

Also, something Rogue Empire will be different to other roguelikes is that targeting paths cannot be altered by targeting other tiles.


Over all this was a much more entertaining week in the development process than the two previous weeks. The game was greatly improved in gameplay (ranged combat) and aesthetics (special effects & inventory) .

I also want to give heads up to you. If you would like to test the pre-alpha version of the game prelude, send us an email to with the subject "pre-alpha". Its not yet out to test but will soon be and the list is limited.

Well, this was all folks! I hope you liked it!

Till next Friday!

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