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What is this indie game all about?


Rogue Empire is an upcoming Roguelike game with a rich epic story with many twists! It will spawn a huge world, a growing number of races and classes to play, lots of secrets and some out of the ordinary new mechanics!

Some of the distinct features you can expect from Rogue Empire:

  • A beautifully illustrated epic story involving an unbalanced world engaged by a mysterious shadowy force!

  • An innovative talent system that borrows concepts of TCG's (Trading Card Games)!

  • A growing number of races and classes to play with. Each with strong differences in gameplay. The initial release is planned to go out with 7 races and at least 5 classes!

  • Permadeath with a twist: Dying will provide you with valuable soul essence, used to unlock perks and new gameplay options!

  • Exciting boss fights with fun and cool mechanics never seen in any classic Roguelikes before!

Rogue Empire was released in Steam the 25th of January of 2019!

 If Rogue Empire is something you might be interested please follow us at Twitter and Facebook!!!

Also, if you feel really passionate about Rogue Empire support us at!

Some cool indie game lookouts that I found!

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