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Start to explore and crawl many dungeons!

Rogue Empire

Rogue Empire is a RPG-Roguelike game in late early Access, done with a lot of love and passion. The game is still needs some polishing as well as a few features but is playable for hundreds of hours from start to end.

Gather courage and prepare to dive into a magical world!

  • 7 races and 5 classes to choose from, including kittens! Start as a low level adventurer and grow to be a great warrior!

  • A cool leveling system that borrows concepts of TCG's (Trading Card Games)!

  • Gather unique and powerful legendary artifacts to help you in your quests!

  • Exciting boss fights with fun and cool mechanics!

  • A world map to explore. Moving in the world map make you explore locations, triggering events and encounters.

  • Several dungeons to explore.

  • Lots of environments: Dungeon, Ruins, Grasslands, Lava, Jungle, Dessert, Ice, etc.

  • Gather soul essence during your several adventures and unlock new content/perks.

  • Epic and situational music!

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