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Developer:       Portal Entertainment LLC

Platform:        Windows, Mac & Linux

Press Contact:

Social Media:    Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, IndieDBSteam Community

Rogue Empire is fantasy themed turn based Roguelike RPG with focus on easy to grasp gameplay. In it explore and fight with a customized character in order to free all capital cities from mysterious shadow force fields.

Some of the games that inspired me to create Rogue Empire include ToMe, Adom, Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft & Hearthstone.

Rogue Empire looks toward making the roguelike genre more accessible and at the same time spices things up by adding TCG mechanics to character progression, a more interactive world map and unique boss fights.

Game Story

The main game takes place in the world of Ethistos where after a very long lasting peace between the known races of the world a horde of unknown entities called the First Shadow invade.

This entities use powerful magic to completely engulf the capital cities of every kingdom.

After the initial surprise the main kingdoms in Ethistos form a great alliance to strike back. They repeal the invaders and then march to where the source of the First Shadow seems to be.

After some time communication with the army stops. At the same time attacks from the First Shadow also stop. In this state of chaos a plea for help is issued to any able adventure to understand what happen and more importantly find out how to dissolve the shadow fields around the cities of Ethistos.


  • Single Player

  • Turn Based combat

  • 7 distinct races to choose from

  • 5 distinct classes

  • Unique character progression inspired from Trading Card Games

  • Meta progression system

  • Multiple game modes!

  • Deep story with different endings.

My Story

 My name is German Pablo Wachnitz and I am the developer behind Rogue Empire.


My whole life I have been an avid gamer from RTS to RPG titles. To summarize how I got here:

  1. I graduating from software engineering.

  2. Started working in web based development.

  3. Moved to social gaming.

  4. Started a masters degree in finance and a social sports network startup (which failed).

  5. Worked on a small casino gaming company as CTO and later as CEO

  6. Finally decided to follow my true dream and build my own game: Rogue Empire :D

This truly is my passion and it is my hope that Rogue Empire will provide a fun and worthwhile experience.



Lets Plays:

Lets Plays
Rogue Empire - (Classic Fantasy Roguelike)

Rogue Empire - (Classic Fantasy Roguelike)

Play Video
First Look - Rogue Empire - Dorf The Dwarf!

First Look - Rogue Empire - Dorf The Dwarf!

Play Video
Rogue Empire - First Impressions! (Early Access)

Rogue Empire - First Impressions! (Early Access)

Play Video
Scorpion Form 2.0
tell a story
Drake Form 2.0
Alpha SS3
Alpha SS8
Alpha SS1
Alpha 0.8.9 - 3
Alpha 0.8.9 - 2
Alpha 0.8.9 - 1
Eghoss Campaign
Main Campaign
Explosive barrel compressed and cropped
Kitty Form 2.0
A world to explore
Rogue Empire - Mage Water Splash
Rogue Empire - Clear Path Spell
Rogue Empire - Hit Blob
Yagxsor the Devourer
Rogue Empire - Choose your ability
A world to explore
Rogue Empire - Fireball and Frost Bolt
Rogue Empire - Nature's Twister
Rogue Empire - Chain Lightning
Rogue Empire - Clear Path Spell
Rogue Empire - Frost Nova
Rogue Empire - GunFire
Archer's Explosive Shot Ability
Ability Choosing
Rogue Empire - Water Elemental
An epic battle!
Rogue Empire - Fire Elementals
Rogue Empire - Sharper Texts
Rogue Empire - Collapsing Dungeon LD
Rogue Empire - Kicking Door
Rogue Empire - Magician Merchant
Rogue Empire - Magic Missiles
Rogue Empire - Magician Merchant
Rogue Empire - Slashing Skeletons
Rogue Empire - Souls
Rogue Empire - Magic Trick
Story Telling
Rogue Empire -  Whirlwind Attack
Rogue Empire - The Human Vinscian Offensive
Rogue Empire - Character Screen v0.8
Rogue Empire - Inventory v0.7
Rogue Empire - An Undead Family
Rogue Empire pre-alpha 0.4 - Some Fresh Air
Rogue Empire Minion
Cat folk and plant people
Rogue Empire Adventures
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