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Checkout some roguelike tactical gameplay!

The Shadow Construct

Are you ready to face him?


Do you hate vampires⁉️I do hate those blood suckers‼️ Tip: If you hit them enough with pointy things they die! No need of garlic! True Story 👍

Naga Wizard

The Naga Wizard: A master of lightning and the arcane!

Treasure Chests

Treasure! Who doesn't like it!?




Their dash attack can be hard to deal with!

Yagxsor the Devourer

Yagxsor the Devourer: Good luck facing him!

Rogue Empire - Choose your ability

Ability level up choosing system!

A world to explore

A ferry! Do you have the coin to get through tho...

Rogue Empire - Fireball and Frost Bolt

Fireball for the win! And frost bolt to finish off!

Rogue Empire - Nature's Twister

I want the Slime to Fly!!

Rogue Empire - Chain Lightning

Care to ride the lightning?

Rogue Empire - Clear Path Spell

Are you remodeling your home? Call "555-mage" now and get our 1 gold coin offer! . . . (Teleport charges might apply)

Rogue Empire - Frost Nova

Freeze and run! Ha ... classic mage. 😁

The Red Drake now in the Party
Rogue Empire - GunFire

Hasta la vista... baby!

Archer's Explosive Shot Ability

A bunch of enemies together?! No problem!

Ability Choosing

Choosing abilities! Colors represent rarity: Grey - Common < Green - Uncommon < Purple - Epic < Orange - Legendary

Rogue Empire - Water Elemental

The water elemental wields powerful magic!

An epic battle!

The head of the mage order fights against a dark unknown enemy! Should you intervene ?!

Rogue Empire - Fire Elementals


Rogue Empire - Sharper Texts

New sharper fonts so you don't miss anything!

Rogue Empire - Collapsing Dungeon LD

Not all levels are walk in park! Careful with that ceiling falling on your head!

Rogue Empire - Kicking Door

Because kicking doors rules!

Rogue Empire - Magician Merchant

Ever wondered how merchants reach the deepest dungeons?

Rogue Empire - Magic Missiles

Surrounded? No problem!

Rogue Empire - Slashing Skeletons

Some new attack animations!

Rogue Empire

Game Cover

Rogue Empire - Souls

Souls Gathering

Story Telling

In game story telling!

Rogue Empire - The Human Vinscian Offensive

Here is concept art for an historic story Event. Not telling to much hehe.

Rogue Empire Minion

What is this creature? It is so primal, how does the Rogue Empire control it?

Cat folk and plant people

Some sketches for 2 of the races you can play with: * Cat folk * Plant people Not sure the name yet :(

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