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Jon the Miner

Long time no writing :(. Terribly busy at work & home. But finally there is something for report. Let me tell you the story of miner Jon.

Jon was miner, a career miner. All he wanted to do was always to mine. Poor fellow had the bad luck to be born in the Rogue Empire universe. Everywhere he went he could not find anything to mine with. He tired with swords, shields, even potions... No luck :(

One Day he got so frustrated that he cried to the air to an unknown entit

y asking why life was so unfair to him! After a while of silence a deep voice answered: "You shall have pickaxes...".

Thus, we now got:

* Pickaxe: Dig tunnels!

* Target system: Used for pickaxes and more stuff in the future!

In addition work was done on:

* Improving the input handling: Now states of the game are considered. This means two same inputs in two different states of the game give different results.

* Tool conceptualization: Used for the pickaxe.

Next week the plan is to:

* improved the inventory a little more.

* Add mouse movement!

* Maybe add doors

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