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Who does't like some privacy?

Another new update post. I decided to do this posts once every week. I feel this is makes it more interesting and gives me time to handle broader development issues. Lets continue with Jon's story!

Jon was happy that he go to mine a lot, but now he wanted to rest a little bit. Soon re realized there was no where private to take a nap :( Thinking about the last time he felt so frustrated, he tried the crying to the air thing once more...

And after a while, again a deep voice answered: "You shall have doors...".

Thus, we now got:

* Doors: No more free roaming around!

In addition work was done on:

* improved the inventory a little more: Now you can double click to add items. Also added a bunch of selection defaults.

* Add mouse movement! Move easily with the mouse everywhere. Really liked how this turned out

* Drop Gold: You can now drop any amount of gold you want! Drop it a the donation section... seriously!

* Not something noticeable, but useful for me: a debug console that (for the moment) lets me create items!

Next week the plan is to:

* Create a level editor!

* Maybe: add item weight concept.

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