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New Alpha Release 0.8.0, now also available for mac users!

Hello everyone, I am exited to announce I just released a new alpha version of the game. It is now available for Patreon supporters! This version is the first version also supported on Mac OS!

Following is the change log:

Change log for Alpha v0.8.0

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

New Features:

  • Added the Assassin class: A high single damage class that focuses on stealth tactics.

  • Added lock picking and difficulty level to door breaking.

  • Added new enemies.

  • Further improved the world map.

  • Added snow maps.

  • Added desert maps.

  • Added jungle maps.

  • Added volcanic maps.

  • Added new stat based world map events.

  • Added multiple new world map encounters.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where using loading or continuing game after quit to menu was not possible.

  • Fixed bug with arcane missiles targeting range.

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