The Team 

German: Lead Designer & Developer


I am a developer & engineer with a lot of passion for games.  I like grand strategy and rpg titles. Particularly I love rogue likes, but at the same I think the genre has a lot of space for improvements and cool stuff.

"It is going to be Legendary!"

Rostislav: Game Art & UI Illustartor

I love drawing from when I was a child, this is also true for playing video games! So right now I unite this two passions in one looking forward to build great games. I like a lot of Games genres,  but I am particularly fond of RPG’s, Roguelike’s,  different types of TBS and metroidvania games.


"For the rest, I'm mostly harmless person!"

Javier: Concept & Story Illustrator


Rogue Empire - (C)Copyright 2016 by German Wachnitz - All Rights Reserved

Cool indie sites/collaborators: Razors EdgeEmber Of Dreams,CFN Gaming


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