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Hello there!

Let me say hello to everyone out there!

During the every Friday from now on I expect to provide feedback on the development of Rogue Empire: A rogue like rpg with emphasis on story, replay ability and some unique secret features!

For the moment I am funding the project myself and working on my spare time, but the idea is to get some investment going soon.

Let’s start today's short info blog to let you know what the state of the game is. Most of it, as you might guess, is mostly general RPG core mechanics. Also I want to emphasize that I will maintain some features and most of the story hidden to generate hype and anxiety, this is until we are near launch date.

  • Game Mechanics:

  • Standard dungeon map generation: Includes rooms, levels and stairs

  • Melee combat: Player & Monster melee AI.

  • Line of sight and lightning.

  • Base Inventory: Melee Weapon items, shield items, potions items (health potions for now).

  • Monsters: Basic melee AI, basic pursuit AI.

  • Stats: Strength, Constitution, Agility, Wisdom, Magic, Perception, Luck (hidden stat).

  • Races: Human

  • Classes: Fighter

  • Story: Will feature rich and beautiful illustrations in key parts

  • General Idea: 60% complete

  • Intro: 90% complete

  • First illustrations are being worked on.

  • Details: 5% complete :(

I want also to tell you that if you have some spare coin to spear please go to the collaborate section and donate a little bit. Also see some perks you could acquire by doing so ;).

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