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We are Back!


Hi everyone, I am back from my 3 months vacation... just kidding!

Seriously it has been very long since the last post. Let me split this post in two:

  • General Rogue Empire Updates

  • Game Progress

So lets get on with it!

General Rogue Empire Updates

  • I am dedicating a 100% of my time to the game. This means much more progress during the following moths.

  • In line with the previous point I hope to release a small alpha of the prequel of the game... O yeah, I am releasing a prequel :) !

  • We have a new team member: Rostislav! He will be in charge of the in game graphics. You will see some of his work in the next section.

  • I sincerely hope to post more often now that I have more time. But posting takes time too so I will try to balance.

  • I added a simple forum to the page. Anyone feel free to participate, I will try to answer all relevant posts.

Game Progress

  • With the help of Rostislav I removed my Ugly engineer skilled art and feel confident to show some actual game footage. UI is still with my art, so hold on for that :P

  • A messaging system is now available. Whenever important stuff happens a message pops over the character or over the relevant entity:

For the moment I choose to ignore (I even developed one) the traditional message log in a corner. I felt this system to be more friendly and prevents your view from going away from where the action happens.

  • I added the talent system: I designed this system to be special and different from what is out the in roguelikes or RPG's.

In current games, usually every X level up's you get 1 talent. This talent usually is fixed or selected from a talent tree.

Now one of the great things of rogue like games is the huge replayability that comes of the big variety in classes. In Rogue Empire, in addition to this there is a system in place to create interesting differentiation in characters of the same class: The talent system.

On every 3 level up's of your character, you will be able to acquire 1 class specific talent for him. This talent will be chosen from a random selection of 3 talents of a pool of 50+ talents each class has. Further more this selection is not entirely random, as talents can fall in one of four categories:

- Common: Regular talents, that open up new actions or passive enhancements.

- Uncommon: Show up less often than common ones, but still farly regular.

- Rare: Very powerful talents but also very rare.

- Legendary: Hugely powerful talents. You should feel lucky to get one of these in any game.

Additionally some talents have different requirements in order to show up.

This makes the talent selection feel like a trading card game when you open a new pack of cards: Gives excitement, diversification and amazement!

I think this is all for the moment, I hope you found it interesting. looking forward to any comment!

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