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So much to tell!


Funny how almost always plans don't turn out as expected. For this week I had a laid layout a precise plan to do a lot of stuff but at the en I could not do it... Good news is I did a lot of other stuff on the game!!

So, lets get right to it, what exactly happened for Rogue Empire:

  • I added like 30 weapons to the game.

  • Added support for 2 handed and dual wielding! I love dual wielding... "Note to self don't make dual wielding overpowered" );

  • Added graphical support for equipped weapons in game and that has to include... dual wielded weapons!

  • I did an in game GUI re haul, in my opinion ended up very nice, with one main objective: To let the player see what really matters! Let me know if it passes your judgment. (individual components have no art yet, so don't judge that ;) )

  • Added item modifier support, and for the moment +x dmg item modifiers. More coming of curse!

  • Added a few more abilities for the warrior class!

  • Did improvements on inventory handling.

So all in all not bad for 1 week's work, huh? If you like what you see please follow us in tweeter and Facebook. Also Leave comments!

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