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Development Diary 20-Aug-2016

Let me start the diary with an apology for not writing it yesterday as I should have, but you know life happens...

This was a short week here, so sadly not so much work was done on the game as I would have liked. Still some important features where added:

  • Character statistics were exposed to the character section.

  • General Tool Tip system developed.

  • Some improved environment graphics where added.

Having named this topics, lets jump into the details, shall we?

Character Statistics Exposure

One thing I plan is to make the game more accessible by providing as much insight into the games mechanics as possible, without making it complicated to understand.

With this in mind, the key secondary (derived) statistics are exposed for the player to view in the character screen.

Here is a example of a few secondary stats the player can see for a character (graphics are not yet done for the interface ;)). This gives a fast overview of the character current capabilities.

With the addition of detailed tool tips, you will quickly understand how to influence this stats and how to grow your character!

Tool Tip System

This system is not yet fully done. For the moment a tool tip consists in a specific text explaining item statistics, stat influences etc.

Again, graphics for tool tips are not final, actually they are none :D

You can see at a fast glanced you know how this potion affects you and if it is worth grabbing or not.

One addition planned for the future is to add a small question mark to a tool tip that links to the manual page for additional relevant information. For instance a stat like hit chance for example, would have information about the formula used and other more in depth details that a casual player would not be interested in.

Here is an example of a primary stat tool tip (Perception in this case). Again, please ignore the graphical aspect :s

This is an easy way to show the player that perception helps the character have a greater line of sight, make more and better critical hits, etc.

Graphical improvements

Some small improvement on the wilderness graphics where done.

Rogue Empire Wilderness

You can appreciate much sharper trees and a better tiling overall.


Although a short week here, some necessary usability improvements where done. I know its not the most fun thing in the world, but it is something that has to be done in order to make any game as accessible and easy to grasp as possible.

I hope this kind of improvements bring more people into the rogue like genre, which I think a lot of people is missing out because of its initial complexity.

Well, this was all for today! I hope you liked this development diary!

Till next Friday!

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