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Development Diary 09-Sep-2016

Hello again! This week Rogue Empire was introduced to magic! It is going to be Legen... wait for it... dary!

One of the main focuses of the week was on developing the magic system. This means I will focus on magic in this development diary.

Still if you are more interested in game images and effects and such, go ahead and skip to the enemies section!

As always let me point out today's main topics:

  • Spell Casting Dynamics

  • Spell Power & Critical Spell Hits

  • Magic Resistance

  • Enemy additions & improvements

Spell Casting Dynamics

As I said in some previous diary, an image says more than a thousand words. So in the following illustration I would like to show you the dynamics of spell casting in Rogue Empire:

As with melee combat, spell casting has many stages with each individual stage being not very complicated. This allows for a great way to give the player many easy to understand game play options to enhance and tweak their character.

From a design point of view its also is versatile enough to adjust settings and balance the game play.

Spell Power & Critical Spell Hits

Spell power is a stat that is influenced mainly by the magic attribute. It affects how powerful your spells are, be it offensive or defensive spells. Spell power translates into Spell Power Influence (from 0% to 500% at the moment).

For example let's say the character casts a fireball for 10 hp of damage. If he has a spell power influence of 20% the damage done would end up being 12 hp. Easy right?

Now additionally if the player rolls a critical hit (+50% dmg) the fireball would hit the enemy for 18 hp of damage! In case you are wondering, critical spell hits is influenced by the Intelligence attribute and Perception attribute to a lesser degree.

Magic Resistance

A must to do battle against any spell caster, magic resistance is influenced mainly by the intelligence stat. It can be applied to direct damage spells or indirect offensive spells (lets say a freeze spell).

In the case of direct damage spells it helps to reduce the damage done by any spell by a x percentage. On the other side for indirect spells it gives a chance to completely avoid the spell.

As you can see intelligence in Rogue Empire is also useful for none casters.

Enemy additions & improvements

During this week I enhanced mainly two aspects of enemies and added some enemies accordingly.

Rogue Empire - Lich

As NPC's in the game are regular characters, they all can be spell casters. Making use of the magic system I created the Lich, a magical undead cater. His main spell is the siphoning bolt which damages the victim and sucks life force to feed back to the Lich and regenerate him!

Rogue Empire - Black Panther

I also added the Black Panther. It might look cute but careful as it is a serious killer! Once he scents a victim, hi uses a large amount of stamina to do a swift chase to get hold of it!

Rogue Empire - Skeleton Warrior

Equipped with a small shield, the Skeleton warrior can take many blows and at the same time hit fairly hard! He will probably have another surprise by the end of next week ;)

Rogue Empire - Skeleton Archer

The evil brother (or is it sister?) to the skeleton warrior. Equipped with bow and arrows, brings death from afar!

Ok, I got tired of writing, so I think I am stopping here haha :). Before I go, let me let you know that you can support us at! You can also follow us and spread the word about the game in or Anything helps, no matter how small!

Hope you like this development diary!

Till next Friday!

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