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Development Diary 02-Sept-2016

Hello dear reader! This was not a bad development week for Rogue Empire. I added some fundamental mechanics and as well as added some more art integration.

These are the main topics of today's development diary:

  • New UI art integration: The character information screen.

  • Enemies can now have and use abilities!

  • Traps where added to the game!

  • Art Sneak Peak!

New UI art integration: The character information screen.

The character screen is where you can find all about your current character. I don't want to bore you with every little detail as it is very self-explanatory.

Rogue Empire - Character Screen

As you can see you have a first section with all the base information about your character and then a secondary stats section that holds derived information (mainly influenced by your attributes and equipment).

Enemies can now have and use abilities!

Rogue Empire - Spider Poison Abilty

Now look at that, our spidery friend has a nice poison attack!

For the moment poison abilities are the only ones in the game.

What is important that the base development for enemy abilities is done letting me add more of them with ease.

Traps where added to the game!

Rogue Empire - Poison Traps!

Of course first trap done was a poison trap hehe! Nothing to do with the fact that first enemy ability is a poison ability :P

But what is any roguelike RPG without traps I ask you? In Rogue Empire, can be anywhere! When triggered, they might fail or you could dodge else you will be hit by something nasty!

For the moment traps are floor plates only, but I plan to do some crazier type of traps. Think boulders, trap portals, time distortions.

Art Sneak Peak

Rogue Empire - An Undead Family

I found these enemies done by Rost so amazing that I wanted to share them with you.

They are still in the art pipeline, but might soon get into the prelude (Also pardon my ugly cut & paste production).


Progress was done in several fronts. With every passing week the game feels better and better. Traps and enemy abilities are a must and luckily where easy to add to the game. The main parts of the UI are almost done which means very soon the prelude will be release in the pre-alpha stage.

If you would like to test the pre-alpha version of the game prelude, send us an email to with the subject "pre-alpha".

I also wanted to give a very special thanks to Paul Demars for supporting us at!

Well, this was all folks! Have a great weekend!

Till next Friday!

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