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Development Diary 01-20-Jan-2017

Hello to all!

It has been 2 weeks since the last development diary, so it's time again for a new one!

As development goes on, I am starting to work in the main campaign of the game which will include all the races and classes. This mean time dedicated exclusively to the prelude will be a little shorter. Also I will try to separate the development diaries in 2 sections: "Overall additions" and "Campaign additions"

So, for today's topic list we have:

  • Overall additions

  • Weapon speed addition

  • Scrolls

  • Monster and items outlines.

  • UI improvements

  • Campaign additions

  • Gender

  • Playable races

  • Difficulty settings

Overall additions

Weapon speed addition

I added a new variable to weapons: Speed

This means weapons like daggers can hit more times over several turns than weapons like war hammers! It gives interesting choices for the player when deciding what weapon to equip.

Here you can see the energy difference between a 2-handed Sickle and a Short sword!

Monster and items outlines

To avoid missing valuables or potential enemies the game now has GPS... just kidding!

What the game truly has now are border lines on monsters and items when moving the cursor on top of them. I hope this helps finding stuff and differentiating decoration from actual stuff.

UI improvements

I did a lot of UI improvements to make it feel more responsive. I probably missed a few, but all buttons now get shadowed when hovered over. This is also true for in game UI like the action bar or the merchant's window.

Campaign additions


There is much to say, but that the game as any modern game lets you choose between a male or female character.

I decided for the moment to keep the option it aesthetic only, meaning it will have no effect in game play but visuals.

Playable races

Here we get to the interesting stuff! With races my objective is to make them feel unique and available mostly in any race-class combination. Having this said this is the current race setup:








Difficulty settings

I decided to go with only 3 difficulty setting options:

  • I am not a fan of dying! (Easy):

  • Enemies have less health than normal.

  • You start with the mythical ring of lives! (5 lives).

  • You will have an 85% penalty in the generation of soul points (more on this in a later development diary).

  • I make my own luck! (Normal):

  • ​Enemies have intended health.

  • Normal soul point generation.

  • I eat dragons for breakfast! (Hard):

  • ​Enemies have much more health.

  • You will generate a bonus 100% soul points.

Some closing comments

Progress is going great! And I would like to extend you an invitation to comment and actively participate! I answer everywhere: IndieDB Rogue Empire forums, Reddit in Roguelikes channel, Steam,, Twitter and Facebook!

In case you wonder, you can get the download the latest version of the prelude at for free or donate to the cause!

Please support the game!

If it is within your reach, support Rogue Empire at! You can also follow us and spread the word about the game in or Anything helps, no matter how small!

So I should say:

Till next time!

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