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Development Diary 16-Sep-2016

Well met dear reader! This week I added a lot of small additions. Thinking to launch the pre-alpha version of the prelude as soon as possible, I hurried to add several abilities to the warrior class, to the point I feel it has enough replayability (Fun fact: "replayability" is not a word... I will use it anyway).

So, what's in it for today?

  • Some warrior abilities sneak peek.

  • New monster abilities.

  • Weapon swap.

I actually also did a big refactor on the game code, but that does not make any good reading material ;)

Some warrior abilities sneak peek

In case you were wondering, up to this day, the warrior class has around 40 abilities. Here I will show you an example of a passive ability and an example of an active ability:

Armor Perfectionist I

Type: Passive

Rarity: Uncommon

Conditions to trigger: The character needs at least an Armor Coverage of 50%.

Effect: Gives a flat 1 damage reduction of from any source + 1 every 20 character levels.

Whirlwind Attack I

Type: Active

Rarity: Rare

Effect: Character moves very fast up to 2 tiles away and hits in all directions with his weapon/s doing regular damage.

Cool down: 8 turns.

Uses: 1200 energy.

Whirlwind Attack II in action

You will have to play the prelude to get to know more of the warrior's abilities ;)

New monster abilities

I added some more abilities to add variety to some of the current monsters:

Slime Spawn

After you kill slimes, they have a chance to split into several smaller ones!


Careful where you step, you might get a nasty surprise!

Weapon swap

Basically you can have to sets of weapons ready to swap at different situations. Swapping your weapon set uses less energy than changing it from the inventory, is more convenient, and looks cooler!

Notice how it affects the character looks in game (offset is on his back)

Some Last words

It was a very entertaining week with a lot of cool stuff added to the game. For next week I am hoping to implement the prelude's first boss fight along with other stuff!

If it is within your reach, support Rogue Empire at! You can also follow us and spread the word about the game in or Anything helps, no matter how small!

Hope you like this development diary!

Till next Friday!

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